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Autodesk, Fairlight collaborate

A Fairlight audio mixing console at Ravenworks studios in California.

Fairlight has joined the Autodesk Infrastructure Sparks program.

Fairlight will develop audio media and metadata integration between Autodesk's video editing and visual effects systems and Fairlight's nonlinear audio recording, editing and mixing systems.

The Sparks program extends the number of solutions that can work together and builds on Autodesk's recent implementation of XML data exchange with applications such as Apple's Final Cut Pro editing software. Fairlight will support Autodesk's open serial peripheral interfaces (SPIs) to deliver a connected workflow between Fairlight's DREAM and Pyxis audio products and Autodesk's Discreet, Fire and Smoke post production systems.

Fairlight plans to support the Autodesk Wiretap application programming interface (API), enabling file transfers of media and metadata between products from both companies. A typical workflow may involve a Fairlight system accessing multi-track editorial audio content over a local area network (LAN) or secure wide area network (WAN) to permit mixing of audio to video in the Fairlight systems. The completed mix would be returned to an Autodesk system for seamless file-based digital data that is in an integrated and comprehensive network-based data workflow.

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