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Ascent Media invests in state-of-the art 'Media Centre'

Ascent Media has unveiled its plans for a new Media Centre. Sited in central London, the Media Centre will provide ingest, transcode, archive and delivery services, as well as directly supporting Ascent Media’s European Transmission Centre (ETC), which provides outsourced transmission services to the company’s broadcast clients.

The Media Centre will include live presentation suites so the ETC can host live event programs such as reality TV, news and sports, and add live commentary and graphics. The center will also act as the London hub for signal switching, global connectivity and satellite downlink. The new facility will integrate ingest, storage and archiving to make content more easily accessible for playout and repurposing.

In addition, the Media Centre will be the European hub for Ascent Media’s Viia service, the company’s new suite of digital technologies and resources that provide a scalable end-to-end asset management and delivery solution for major studios, leading new media content providers, broadcasters and aggregators.

The Media Centre will have full satellite downlinking integration and connectivity to other Ascent Media sites in New York, Los Angeles and Singapore.

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