France's AMP VISUAL TV Group has purchased X10, the new continuously streaming ultra-slow motion system from I-MOVIX. The first of a new kind of "always-on" live ultra-slow motion solution, the X10 delivers 300fps real-time continuous streaming in 1080i.

The X10 outstrips the performance of existing continuous slow-motion systems, which are restricted to three times slower than real time or 75fps. The X10 can be used at 25fps to 300fps in continuous mode, and it delivers ultra-slow motion of extraordinary quality.

The X10 system is a fully broadcast-integrated solution and includes the latest high-speed HD camera, a camera control unit, an operational control panel and a slow-motion remote panel (for use in ultra-slow-motion replay mode). It is used with the industry-standard EVS XT3 production server and LSM remote-control recorder. The camera connects to the camera control unit (CCU) via a SMPTE hybrid fiber cable, enabling long-distance optical fiber transmission and control through a single connection.