Agilent Technologies products used for Moonv6 IPv6 event

The Agilent Technologies Network Tester and N2X products were selected as the test equipment for the latest phase of the industry's IPv6 interoperability event, Moonv6.

The Agilent Network Tester and N2X enabled vendors to assess their product's real-world performance and resilience to network threats in an IPv6 environment. Agilent's solutions provide validation of real-world performance, stress resilience and scalability of next-generation network security and triple-play infrastructure equipment.

The Agilent Network Tester and N2X IPV4/IPV6 test solutions provide:

  • Highest routing protocol scalability for BGP4+, OSPFv3, IS-ISv6, RIPng, and simultaneous generation of IPv4, IPv6 and tunneled IPv6/IPv4 traffic for realistic IPv6 implementation performance characterization;
  • Industry's broadest range of application and network access protocols for Internet data, VoIP, streaming video, IPTV and P2P;
  • Simultaneously generated legitimate application traffic and security attacks to simulate conditions indistinguishable from real-world networks;
  • Predefined real-world application mix test methodology and automated test library.

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