AccuWeather acquires WeatherData

AccuWeather has completed the purchase of WeatherData, the specialist in weather-risk management consulting and severe weather forecasting and services to clients throughout the United States, Canada and Mexico. The company holds significant patents for weather forecasting technology.

Key technologies available to AccuWeather as a result of the WeatherData acquisition include:

  • SelectWarn An on-air radar system, which delivers weather graphics and video to television stations. Incorporating the Level II NEXRAD reports, SelectWarn produces highly specific, GIS-based warnings that are 70 percent more precise than the traditional countywide warnings. Additional on-air capabilities available through SelectWarn are true-color weather satellite images, precision rainfall forecast amounts and precise lightning forecasts, predicted 30 minutes into the future. In addition to its powerful weather forecasting capabilities, SelectWarn also provides television stations with tools for covering deadly geo-hazards, including animated flood inundation mapping and earthquake ground shaking.
  • Storm Hawk A handheld GPS-based weather-monitoring and forecasting device with moving map GPS technology, delivered onto a personal digital assistant, StormHawk provides real-time weather radar and detailed information on lightning, wind speed and weather warnings for news crews.

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