Access extends HTML5 browser to support HbbTV

Access, a global provider of software for mobile and digital TV markets, has announced that its recently launched NetFront Browser NX 2.0 DTV Profile has been extended to support the HbbTV standard.

NetFront Browser NX 2.0 DTV Profile is a web kit-based HTML5 browser optimized for connected devices including smart TVs and set-top boxes. HbbTV is a pan-European initiative aimed at harmonizing broadcast and broadband delivery of video content, incorporating support for interactivity. It allows consumers to access connected TV services such as catch-up TV, video on demand, interactive advertising, social networking and games through their TVs. Access is an HbbTV member, and the company’s solution is compliant with the latest HbbTV version 1.5.

"We have extended our new browser to support HbbTV so that device manufacturers can rest assured that there is a browser available which aligns with the latest developments in both HbbTV and HTML5 — two industry standards which continue to increase in importance," said Neale Foster, VP of Global Sales IA, at Access. NetFront Browser NX 2.0 DTV Profile avoids integrators and middleware companies having to run two separate browser engines in their devices to accommodate both HbbTV and HTML5.