Abit to demonstrate integration of DVE effects at IBC

Abit plans to demonstrate the next generation of integrated DVE workflow functionality at IBC2006. The system enables the operator to configure branding specific to the viewing demographics on a channel basis easily by providing a complex DVE control algorithm, network management of a file based DVE storage system and flexible operational functions. In addition, it enables a flexible advertising strategy up to the point of transmission and the display/routing of multiple sources.

The software now allows the operator to create DVE effects and span them across any number of fixed and live events. The effect duration is dynamically controlled to ensure that changes to the scheduled commercials and vignettes appear transparent to viewers.

A further development to debut at IBC is commercial placement during a live broadcast. This allows operators to cut back to either the original live event or a new live event as quickly and smoothly as possible at the end of the current advertising clip. The channel license regulations are adhered to, and the remaining commercial clips are automatically queued for playout at a convenient point later in the live transmission. Abit will be demonstrating the new version of its automation platform: Present-it.

For more information, visit www.abit.co.uk.