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2K/HD WM9 transcoding with ContentAgent-XR from ROOT6

Launched on the Microsoft booth at NAB, ContentAgent-XR is the latest in the popular line of encoding products from London, UK, based ROOT6 Technology. New high-performance hardware and a third-generation GPU-accelerated capture, playback and transcode engine, SQL database and DRM client/server implementation, combine to create a solution for providing secured deliverables in an SD, HD or DI pipeline.

Building on the original SD version, ContentAgent-XR facilitates the automated capture, playback, encoding, and global delivery of multi-format, multi-resolution digital media. Material may be imported from any source and transcoded to any format, including AVC, MXF, Avid's DNxHD and VC-1. Encoded media can be accessed through the built-in web server or delivered by email, ftp, MPEG-2 and WMV HD or output to SD and HD video.

XR’s integral SQL database engine enables flexible user, media, and template management in addition to multi-machine distributed encoding. Additional new features include single-click web-based asset sharing, the incorporation of a logo burn-in facility on any encoded or transcoded stream, and high quality PAL/NTSC standards conversion. Security is assured by the addition of a fully configured client/server implementation of Windows Media DRM encryption, including user authentication.

The unique provision of 2K DPX-to-2K WMV transcoding means that the massive files normally associated with 2K digital-intermediates may now be easily and securely distributed via the Internet for viewing by database-defined, authorized production staff. To deliver the performance required for HD encoding, XR utilizes hardware acceleration from Tarari.

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