AWS Unveils Elemental Link for Simplified Streaming

(Image credit: AWS)

SEATTLE—Amazon Web Services has debuted its new AWS Elemental Link device, which connects live video sources to AWS Elemental MediaLive for a simplified streaming process.

When AWS Elemental Link is connected to a video source, it sends all video, audio and metadata streams that arrive on the built-in 3G-SDI or HDMI connectors to AWS Elemental MediaLive. It features automatic, hands-free tuning that adapts to available bandwidth, per AWS. When the video is in the cloud, users can process, store, distribute and monetize it through AWS Elemental Media Services. Any number of Link devices can be monitored from the console, the company says.

The AWS Elemental Link is compact (32 cubic inches) and weighs less than a pound. It arrives preconfigured and can operate as soon as it is connected to power, video and internet, according to AWS.

AWS is now offering the Elemental Link for $995.

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