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Zero Gravity powers Clemson coach show shoots with Anton/Bauer

Production house Zero Gravity is relying on Anton/Bauer batteries for its longstanding project of producing Clemson University coach shows during the school’s football and basketball seasons.

For the past six years, the production studio has been using Anton/Bauer’s DIONIC 90 and HyTRON 140 batteries to power its equipment while filming the coach shows. The 30-minute programs feature clips of the school’s football and basketball game highlights, along with exclusive interviews with the coaches and players.

Each show is shot live, edited overnight and aired the next morning. With such a tight schedule, it is imperative for Zero Gravity to keep its RED and Panasonic cameras powered up.

Zero Gravity also uses HyTRON 140 batteries to power its RED Scarlet and other Panasonic HPX series cameras. Because of their portability and stamina, the HyTRON 140s provide all-day power and offset the heavy weight of the camera lenses, making them well suited for longer shoots, such as Clemson University’s night games. The batteries also feature the RealTime display that indicates both fuel gauge and remaining run-time data simultaneously in hours, minutes and remaining capacity.