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Zenith Garners Video Awards At CES

At CES 2003, Zenith received six "CES Innovations Awards" for products demonstrating excellence in design and engineering for two plasma displays, two direct-view integrated HDTVs and HDTV set-top receiver and combination DVD-VCR-Dolby Digital Surround Sound System.

The P42W24 plasma display delivers a progressive scan picture on a 42-inch widescreen display with a contrast ratio of 1000:1 and a brightness rating of 1000 candelas/square meter. The P37W24 plasma display delivers 852 x 480p resolution picture and includes Intelligent Image Scaling, aspect ratio correction and S-232C controls.

The 32-inch C32V37 4:3 integrated HDTV and 30-inch C30W37 16:9 widescreen integrated HDTV are direct-view, flat CRT sets that feature Zenith's VSB chipset to receive terrestrial HDTV broadcast including digital closed captions and a QAM tuner to receive unscrambled HDTV programming via cable without the need for a separate set-top box.

The HD-SAT 520 DirecTV HD receiver/advanced HDTV tuner uses a VSB reception chip with a switchable aspect ratio correction. It comes with Dolby 5.1 channel surround sound, DirecTV's Advanced Program Guide and a DVI + HDCP connector.

The XBS245 Dolby Digital Surround sound is a Home Theater system that incorporates a DVD/CD/VCR combination unit, five surround sound speakers and a 350 watt subwoofer. The progressive DVD scan handles basic DVD functions as well as MP3 files.