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Zaxcom and Bexel Bring Coach Commentary to Fans

A custom audio transmitter solution developed by Zaxcom and Bexel brings sports fans even closer to the action by enabling broadcasters to transmit coaches’ live comments during televised games. The system is based on Zaxcom’s TRX900 digital wireless transmitter.

“With our audio transmission solution, viewers can now get great insight into game strategy and better appreciate how coaches and players react in certain situations,” said Glenn Sanders, Zaxcom’s president. “At the same time, Bexel has made it really easy for the coaches to block anything they don’t want heard on national television.”

The transmitter is easy to mute for “discreet conversations,” and includes digital encryption to ensure that private conversations cannot be “hacked” by unauthorized listeners. The package consists of a Sennheiser lavaliere mike and a Zaxcom TRX900 transmitter equipped with a quarter-inch toggle switch for the mute capability.

“The Zaxcom TRX900 offered the perfect solution because of its extremely small, lightweight profile and its ability to be digitally encrypted,” said Lee Estroff, director of technical sales, Brexel.