Yet Another 3DTV Survey

OMAHA, NEB.: And now for something completely different. A survey on 3DTV. (Woot!) This time from an outfit dubbed “Infogroup/ORC,” of no relation to the Tolkienian fiends. InfoORC’s survey said 3DTV was catching on.

“Since ORC began trending interest in the technology in January, interest in 3DTV ownership has increased substantially,” the firm said. “In January 2010, 6 percent of respondents indicated they either owned or expected to purchase a 3DTV in the next two years. The number of current and future 3DTV owners increased to 15 percent in this month’s study.” That is, 4 percent of those pinged owned a 3DTV, and 11 percent expected to do so within the next couple of years.

InfoORC attributed the increase to marketing efforts by manufacturers, but it’s also somewhat logical given 3DTVs were introduced commercially in the United States in last February.

“The household interest is at 15 percent, which equates to approximately 17.5 million U.S. households who [sic] either now own or intend to purchase the technology within the next two years,” InfoORC’s Wayne Russum said. “Given the average current price of a 3DTV, this finding should put smiles on the faces of retailers and manufacturers.”

InfoORC surveyors called 1,011 adults Nov. 11-14. Margin of error was calculated at plus or minus 3 percent. The results indicated that younger audiences are the primary market for 3DTV, but that geezers still retain the most purchasing power. One-fifth of respondents younger than 45 showed “strong households interest” in buying a 3DTV. One in 10 of those over 45 had the same zeal.

“Effective target marketing will be an important key to success for retailers hoping to capture this market,” Russum said.