YES Network And Sony Bring Fans 3X Slo-Mo Replay

The YES Network, home of the New York Yankees, has added Sony’s HDC-3300 HD 3x slow motion camera to its set of production tools.

“It’s the greatest single enhancement we’ve made to our production for this season,” said Ed Delaney, vice president of operations for the YES Network. The feedback we’ve received from viewers has been tremendous. The ‘three times’ super slow-mo picture quality and resolution are phenomenal, enabling our viewers and announcers to analyze close plays and to experience the game like never before.”

YES is using the camera in the mid-first position, which is between first and home. It’s mounted with an extremely long lens on a small high hat with a tripod head. The HDC-3300 can transmit 180 frames per second in full HD. It includes three 2/3-inch high-speed progressive CCDs, and records at 1920x1080i or 150i, as well as 1280x720/180p or 150p.

"The ability to do 3x super motion not only lets producers do quality motion analysis, but it also adds a new dimension to the HD viewing experience," said Rob Willox, director of Sony Electronics' content creation group. "This HD super-motion system was developed to complement our HDC-1500 multi-format cameras, and the combination of both technologies now gives the YES Network a great deal of flexibility for delivering high-quality HD telecasts."