XVD Introduces the NewsHound II “Go Anywhere” Solution For HD and SD Wireless DENG Newsgathering

XVD Corporation, the pioneer of XVD digital compression—the most advanced realtime video compression technology—has introduced its second-generation NewsHound II Lightweight Hard-shell Backpack with an advanced technology system that includes a battery powered Encoder and DVB-T/COFDM Wireless Transmitter System for HD and SD DENG and other remote camera applications.

When NewsHound was first introduced in the United States at NAB2006, it immediately caught the attention of major U.S. and International networks that had been looking for a way to enable news crews to function effectively beyond the limitations of their DENG vehicles. Today, networks on three continents have conducted successful evaluations of NewsHound II, which incorporates a number of added features requested in earlier trials, such as wireless transmitter options in the 2 GHz and 7 GHz spectrums.

XVD NewsHound II enables a single operator to venture up to 3 miles under line of sight conditions from a DENG truck or other receiver site (depending on configuration) and stream encoded, realtime 1080i, 720p, 480i (NTSC) or 576i (PAL) content captured by any brand of Professional or Prosumer grade DV camera. NewsHound II features an SDI input from the camera with embedded or separate analog stereo audio. An Ethernet output is also provided that allows NewsHound to operate into an Internet or Telco link when using the on-board “record/play” option of the TX2000 encoder.

Weighing only 12 pounds, the Encoder, Transmitter/Antenna, and Rapid-Recharge Battery are contained in a weatherproof, rigid, high tensile backpack with built in cooling fan. With up to 4 hours of operation on a single battery charge, the XVD NewsHound II makes the “one-person” newsgathering concept an immediate practical reality, greatly expanding the remote news gathering capability and range of DENG crews. Whether on foot, bicycle, scooter, taxi, watercraft, or aircraft, a single operator can now reach breaking news previously unreachable by large news trucks. The system also provides the capability to record up to 1.5 hours of HD or 6 hours of SD for playback as needed to the DVB-T/COFDM receiver site, or over a Telco /Internet link.

The ergonomic design of NewsHound II counterbalances camera weight, and greatly improves operator comfort even after hours of use, while the extremely handsome hard-shell backpack provides superb protection for its components.

XVD is currently taking orders for NewsHound II for delivery in the first quarter of 2007, and with predicted high demand for this innovative wireless camera system, early placement of orders is encouraged. Evaluation units are being made available upon request. NewsHound II will also be shown at several regional industry events in the New Year and at NAB2007.