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WVUT-TV increases file-based workflow efficiencies with NVerzion

WVUT-TV, the PBS television station located at Vincennes University in Indiana, has upgraded its NVerzion automation system. Leveraging software enhancements and modern hardware technologies, the new NVerzion automation platform dramatically speeds up WVUT's file-based workflow, lowering the station's capital and operational expenses. 

Licensed to the Board of Trustees at Vincennes University, WVUT is the only local television provider serving the community. In addition to actively engaging viewers through local, regional and national programming, WVUT is also a training ground for future broadcasters through the university. Currently, the NVerzion automation system controls the station's main HD channel and one of two SD channels. Leveraging the scalability of NVerzion automation, WVUT can easily control additional channels, including its second SD feed, in the future.

The complete system includes: NGest professional dubbing and recording software application, NTime time-driven event scheduling application, NPoint video preparation software for segmenting and trimming, a two-channel NControl(MC) on-air master control playlist, NConvert traffic interface, NBase SQL media database manager, NView database viewer, and EMC-NT Ethernet machine control. WVUT's NVerzion automation system controls a BroadView traffic system, Harris Broadcast Platinum MX router, Harmonic Spectrum MediaDeck video servers, and Miranda Imagestore master control and branding processors. Through an open platform architecture, NVerzion automation allows the station to capitalize on its investment in third-party equipment while ensuring continuous and reliable operations. Engineers can easily bypass any piece of dysfunctional equipment and deliver a flawless on-air broadcast. 

One enhancement that WVUT finds exceptionally useful for remote sports and other live applications is NVerzion's Join-in-Progress (JIP) functionality. By performing a series of complex timing calculations, the sophisticated software application allows WVUT to seamlessly join a scheduled program in the event of a live overrun, eliminating the traditional dead roll operation.