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WSB-TV adds real-time, 3-D traffic maps to help Atlanta commuters

With more than 1.7 million drivers on the road at peak times, Atlanta has some of the most notoriously congested traffic conditions in the country.

WSB-TV, the city’s Cox Television-owned ABC affiliate, is helping drivers with Triple Team Traffic coverage using its new Beat the Traffic reporting system. The station is using Beat the Traffics technology to create animated 3-D traffic maps showing real-time traffic speeds, incidents and travel times during Channel 2 Action News traffic segments. The station also plans to stream the animated traffic maps 24 hours a day on its Web site.

WSB-TV viewers are among the first in Atlanta to view these up-to-the-minute traffic reports. HD maps, icons and real-time traffic speeds provide an overview of regional road conditions, while allowing reporters to fly into traffic hotspots or highlight late-breaking traffic news.

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