World Wrestling Entertainment to transition to HD file-base workflow

World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) has signed a $12 million deal with Thomson for a wide variety of HD equipment as part of an upgrade to its Stamford, CT, video production facilities, Thomson said last week.

Under the agreement, WWE will acquire Thomson Grass Valley K2 media servers, Aurora HD production editing system, Kalypso HD production switchers, a Trinix HD router and Kameleon and GeckoFlex signal conversion modules to support the upgrade of its facility to a file-based infrastructure.

The transition from its Thomson-based digital SD environment to a Thomson server-based HD production and distribution workflow also will include services from Thomson as well as a media asset management (MAM) system from Nesbit Systems.

All of WWE’s audio and video assets will be archived and organized with the Nesbit Systems MLS/Preview+ MAM system. The system provides access to more than 100,000 hours of media assets in a shared SAN.

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