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Wohler Monitors Newseum

The Newseum, the giant multimedia museum celebrating the news industry, is under close watch itself by monitoring products from PanoramaDTV, the video products division of Wohler Technologies Inc.

The Newseum opened at its new Washington, D.C., site this spring. It has 47 video monitoring systems, 17 confidence monitors and 18 audio monitoring systems from Wohler for its exhibits, theaters and interactive displays.

“Audio and video clearly are vital elements of the visitor experience here at the Newseum, and our Wohler monitoring equipment has performed very well in helping us to maintain a high standard of quality across all our exhibits, presentations, and displays,” said Bud O’Connor, engineering director for the Newseum. “Wohler equipment is a great fit within our technologically advanced master control room and has lived up to the company’s reputation for providing convenient and complete monitoring solutions.”

The 250,000-square-foot, seven-story museum features a sophisticated master control room, separated from a large atrium by a glass wall, which serves as the main control center for the Newseum and the site of most of the Wohler systems.

The gear includes numerous MON2-3W/HR video monitors in master control with dual 7-inch high-resolution color monitors. The Newseum also is using the MON1-T/7W-HR half-rack HD/SD-SDI video monitor within a Tektronix half-tub equipped with scopes and other monitoring equipment.

Wohler also provided AMP1-S8DA units and an AMP2-S8DA for audio monitoring, offering eight-channel analog and AES/EBU digital multichannel audio monitoring and conversion, plus level metering. The control room also has Wohler’s VMQ-4 audio monitor for simultaneous monitoring of up to four audio sources on four analog inputs with voice-quality fidelity.