Wohler introduces 16-channel 3G/HD/SD-SDI processing monitor

At NAB 2010 Wohler Technologies announced it has added a variety of new features, including video monitoring, to its line of 16-chnnel audio monitoring devices. The new AMP2-E16V modular audio/video processing monitor features dual 4.3in OLED displays that support dedicated video monitoring, loudness metering and control, audio routing and mix controls, and even Dolby Zoom functions. Combining modular I/O options including SDI, AES, and analog, makes the AMP2-E16V a complete audio management system.

The AMP2-E16V allows operators to view 3G/HD/SD-SDI video while taking control over numerous audio channels from AES, analog, SDI signals, or encoded Dolby, depending on the configuration. Each audio input is treated equally and can be monitored, metered, panned, trimmed and routed freely. Flexible hotkey configurations make sure that the power of the AMP2-E16V isn’t buried deep within menus; it is available immediately in live or other critical applications.

The integration of video, metadata, audio routing and mixing, SDI audio re-embedding, and loudness monitoring and control within a single AMP2-E16V unit eliminates the need for numerous units that accomplish the same tasks, while features such as Dolby Zoom aid greatly in troubleshooting problems live. Dolby Zoom dynamically and instantaneously switches between the standard overview of monitored channels and monitoring of the decoded channels and metadata of an available Dolby bit stream.

The AMP2-E16V's mixing and routing features essentially creates a complete mix environment for each installed output-capable module, providing full trim, pan and bus routing per channel, as well as the option to meter output levels on the main screen in addition to input levels. These output mixes can also simply follow the monitor mix as it is heard through the speakers.

When equipped with Wohler’s new loudness control module, which applies digital audio dynamics processing, an AMP2-E16V used in the transmission chain can aid in directly and transparently normalizing volume differences between program and commercial content to ITU-1770-1 standards, or to the broadcaster’s own standard.

The main screen of the AMP2-E16V displays simultaneous color- and scale-adjustable metering of up to 16 channels of audio from a choice of input and output cards including 3G/HD/SD-SDI, AES, and analog. Also displayed are variable-integration time loudness metering and the metadata types chosen in settings.