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Wohler Extends HDCC Ancillary Data Management Platform

SAN FRANCISCO — Wohler Technologies has launched a multifunctional HDCC Series card that enables higher frame density by performing encoding of both SCTE-104 playout automation system messages and closed-caption data into the baseband signal.

Available in a Ross openGear hosting frame, the new HDCC-708T104-OG1 card extends Wohler’s HDCC Ancillary Data Management Platform to address insertion of the customized SCTE-104 cues that facilitate seamless commercial ad insertion.

The HDCC Series comprises a line of ancillary data management technologies that address applications for data insertion/extraction while also providing captions and subtitles for OP47, CEA-608/CEA-708 and ARIB-B37 standards. A set of single- and dual-channel multifunction cards that enable high-density implementation and high integration while keeping power consumption low, the HDCC Series offers captioning solutions for encoding, decoding, transcoding, translation, monitoring and other specialized requirements.