WJFW-TV Adds Third PlayBox Neo Server

WJFW-TV PlayBox Neo
(Image credit: PlayBox)

RHINELANDER, Wis.—WJFW-TV, the Rockfleet Broadcasting-owned NBC affiliate serving Rhinelander, Wis., has deployed a third PlayBox Neo AirBox Neo-20 server for playout of the station’s primary channel. The system joins two previously installed AirBox New-20 servers used to manage playout of the station’s Antenna TV and COZI-TV digital subchannels.

“Our PlayBox Neo servers have been rock solid for us as has the company’s support,” said Marty Mangerson, technical director at WJFW.

“We’ve got best-of-breed equipment across the board here, and we didn’t want to downgrade at all for our secondary channels. Thankfully, we didn’t have to,” he added.

“By simply adding another server, we’re 100% ready for 24/7 broadcast of our secondary channel—COZI-TV. And the price tag was well within our budget. The PlayBox Neo set up is exactly what we were looking for and what we need for our new channel.”

The new server replaced an existing AirBox New-20 in use at the station for the primary channel, which was then reassigned to managing playout of COZI-TV.

WJFW uses its PlayBox Neo system for program and commercial playout, as well as live pass through streaming and graphic overlays for all three channels. All three AirBox Neo servers interface easily with the station’s existing Wide Orbit trafficking system. 

The station first installed an AirBox Neo server and TitleBox Neo CG in 2006. It added a second server in 2011 for playout of Antenna TV.

More information is available on the PlayBox Neo website (opens in new tab).

Phil Kurz

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