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Winter Olympics to be Shown in HD Cinema

A Midwest Art museum and university have been selected as test sites for a first-ever effort to present events from the Winter Olympics in a high-definition format to theater audiences.

The Butler Institute of American Art, a Youngstown, Ohio-based museum, and the University of Louisville are collaborating with CineMuse, a company specializing in HD technology, licensing and production, to present Olympics action in their own HD cinemas.

"This effort represents a perfect marriage of technology and history," says Ted Geier, president and CEO of CineMuse. "It is now possible to bring world events to audiences in a large-screen, hi-def format that will make viewers feel as if they are right there seeing it live."

In recent years, CineMuse has helped more than 40 museums to create on-site HD cinemas and present original HD programs to audiences in the United States and Canada.

The Butler Institute will present Olympics coverage in its Zona Auditorium, a 122-seat theater equipped with a 9 x 12 foot HD screen and Dolby 7.1 sound. Olympic coverage in HD will be presented each day from Feb. 12-24. The University of Louisville in Kentucky will feature presentations from the Olympics at various times throughout the Games in the 160-seat Gheens Science Hall and Rauch Planetarium. Olympic coverage will be presented most evenings from Feb. 9-23. Visit for a detailed schedule.