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Wimbledon crew communications secure with RTS/TELEX

This year, an estimated 25 million viewers worldwide watched the final match of the Wimbledon tennis tournament, which was produced by UK-based mobile production company NEP Visions. Paul Fournier, Visions' Head of Sound, and a team equipped with five outside broadcast trucks and a complete fly-away system were on hand to supply their clients – ESPN and NBC as well as Sony’s 3DNet 3-D channel. It was the first ever coverage of Wimbledon in 3-D.

A key component on the project was the Advanced Digital Audio Matrices (ADAMs) from RTS/Telex. In ESPN’s flyaway broadcast system and for NBC, respectively, 136-user and 96-user ADAM frames were used. To satisfy Sony’s 3-D requirements and form an intercom system unit, Fournier and his team networked the ADAM frames in the two Gemini trucks with Tribus cards. In addition, the MADI streams were routed over the MADI-16+ cards.

A variety of RTS/TELEX keypanels (KP32, KP12) and three RVON-16 cards, which allow external communication over IP, satisfied the remaining equipment needs of the Wimbledon production.