WideOrbit unveils WO Master Control

At the 2011 NAB Show, WideOrbit unveiled its IT-based WO Master Control solution that offers an alternative to traditional master control equipment. WO Master Control fully integrates IT and DTV hardware and software into a single-rack solution. Through its streamlined architecture, WO Master Control can feed and control up to four channels per server of HD/SD, including master control switching, graphics and automation per server.

Each server has automation and content storage onboard along with live master control switching, picture-in-picture and branding graphics. WO Master Control uses low-cost, off-the-shelf servers and provides direct-to-storage file transfer from edge severs with no transcoding required. It also supports transfer of any content from mainstream creative tools, such as Apple Final Cut Pro and Adobe Creative Suite.

As many as four servers with up to 16 HD channels can reside in the rack, which not only eliminates a substantial amount of equipment and wiring, but also significantly reduces power consumption and heat generation in an operation.