Weta Digital offers clients Avid DNxHD 36-based HD workflow

Wellington, New Zealand-based visual effects facility Weta Digital has expanded to offer clients HD VFX workflows using Avid DNxHD 36 media.

The result of the move is faster and more accurate VFX review processes for HD productions. Because the Avid DNxHD 36 delivers HD image quality at data rates only 50 percent larger than SD DV25, visual effects artists at Weta Digital can now exchange high-resolution media with production teams in real time over an Ethernet network and work with a better visual reference for VFX creation.

Additionally, the storage efficiency of Avid DNxHD 36, which requires only 2 percent of the storage of uncompressed HD, enables Weta to store multiple HD projects at once.

Weta Digital’s Avid workflow is built around six Media Composer systems, upgraded to version 2.7 to support Avid DNxHD 36, which are networked to an Avid Unity shared storage system with 24TB of storage.

For more information, visit www.avid.com.