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Weather Central Acquires Meteorlogix Media Division

Weather Central Acquires Meteorlogix Media Division
(May 24, 2004) Madison, WI--Weather Central has acquired the Media Division of Meteorlogix, based in Burnsville, MN. All Meteorlogix Media Division products, including the new "X" television weather graphics system, RT and I7 systems, Storm Commander, and nearly a dozen other products and services, are included in the purchase.
As part of the acquisition, Weather Central has opened a division office in Eagan, MN. All of the key Meteorlogix Media Division employees, including the managers of sales, product development, and customer service, are continuing with Weather Central.
"We are delighted to have these excellent products, which include patent rights and proprietary technologies developed over the years by Kavouras and EarthWatch, as part of our Weather Central product line," said Terry Kelly, president of Weather Central.
"Weather Central is the perfect fit and partner for our media products and our media team," said Robert Gordon, chief executive officer of Meteorlogix. "We will be working actively with Terry and Weather Central to ensure customer satisfaction and seamless continuity. Weather Central will continue full support, including the provision of data products and maintenance, for all Meteorlogix Media Division products."
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