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WDBJ-TV adds 23 AJA FS1 converters

WDBJ-TV, the CBS affiliate in Roanoke, VA, has purchased 23 AJA Video Systems FS1 universal HD and SD converters.

Working in both an HD and SDI environment, WDBJ-TV uses 12 FS1 converters to upconvert SD signals to HD and another set to downconvert HD signals to SDI to feed older equipment and non-HD channels.

The FS1 is a universal HD and SD, audio and video frame synchronizer and converter. It can simultaneously support both HD and SD video in full 10-bit broadcast-quality video and 24-bit audio. The FS1 supports virtually any input or output as analog or digital, HD or SD. It can upconvert or downconvert between SD and HD while providing simultaneous outputs of both formats. It supports both closed-captioning and closed-captioning conversions between SD and HD formats.

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