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Vizrt to unveil Viz Content Pilot 5.3

At this year’s IBC show, Vizrt will announce the pre-release of its Viz Content Pilot 5.3 template-based graphics solution. The new version of the workflow-oriented broadcast graphics software comes with expanded features to facilitate the creation of on-air and online graphics in the newsroom.

There are three major new features from Viz Content Pilot 5.3:

A new unified search feature allows users to search, edit and use images, videos and audio clips from both Viz Object Store and Viz Video Hub. The search results can be edited and added to graphic templates for on-air playout or online publication. This feature bridges the gap between traditional graphic workflows and video workflows.

Viz Content Pilot 5.3 also comes fully integrated with the Escenic Content Studio 5 online and mobile publishing platform. Graphic elements can be published seamlessly to the web, either as on-demand images or as fully animated, interactive animations. The online editorial staff can share the same graphic templates as the on-air newsroom staff or use web-specific ones.

Developed specifically for online publishing workflows, Viz Content Pilot 5.3 now features a Vizky-powered preview as an alternative option to the Viz Engine–powered desktop preview. The embedded Vizky preview allows journalists to preview their graphics in real-time as they fill-in the templates, and it allows them to test and experience all of the graphics’ interactive capabilities.