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Vizrt Signs $380,000 Broadcast Graphics Deal

BERGEN, NORWAY: Vizrt Ltd. said this week that it signed a deal worth more than $380,000 for the implementation of broadcast graphics products with a new television station in India. The deal includes products for the production of daily newscasts. In the newsroom, producers fill in graphic content using the template-based content management system, Viz Content Pilot. Along with graphics the producers will be able to build customer branded maps in Viz World from within their newsroom control system.

In the control room, Viz Trio will be used as a character-generator (CG) to trigger all graphics to air in real time. Viz Ticker 3D will take in data to display a live ticker with animated 3D objects, images and text.

In the studio, Viz Virtual Studio allows the designers to create complex 2D and 3D sets with interactivity. All graphics will be designed in Viz Artist and rendered in real time using the Viz Engine, Vizrt’s rendering platform. The station intends to go live on the Vizrt platform by mid-summer.