Vizrt Group’s NDI 5 Offers Support for Adobe Creative Cloud

(Image credit: NDI)

SAN ANTONIO, Texas—Vizrt Group brand NDI today announce its upgraded support for Adobe Creative Cloud with the launch of NDI 5 earlier in the year.

Network Device Interface (NDI) expanded its support for Adobe Creative Cloud with integrated extension panels for Adobe Premiere Pro and After Effects, streamlining production by removing the need for producers and creatives to export designs for teams and clients to review.

“Designers, producers and directors globally utilize Adobe Creative Cloud to create new content and new experiences. With new tools from NDI 5 - NDI Bridge and NDI Remote - creators enjoy a streamlined workflow to advance creativity and output,” said Robert Musso, senior product manager at NDI. “With NDI, using a simple internet connection multiple editors can edit, highlight and localize content in record time; clients can virtually oversee the edits; multiple editors can create different outputs from the same live source – the possibilities on offer are revolutionary.”

NDI 5 for Adobe Creative Cloud makes it possible for multiple editors to create different output of the same live sources at the same time from anywhere in the world. It also allow creative collaboration and widens access to creative talent, as well as enabling integration among disparate toolsets to make workflows cohesive and unlock value and enhances talent acquisition and retention, NDI said.

“Adobe is always looking for innovative ways to improve creatives workflows,” said Sue Skidmore, head of partner relations for Adobe Video. “The NDI 5 Plug-In for Adobe Creative Cloud opens up new possibilities for how creators work and collaborate – no matter where their teams are located.”

Adobe Creative Cloud is compatible with the latest NDI 5.

More information is available on the NDI website.

Phil Kurz

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