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Vizrt and Netventure create streamlined workflow for Red Bull X-Fighters World Tour

Vizrt’s Viz Engine 3.3 handled graphics within a one-operator system developed by Berlin-based Netventure for the HD production of the Red Bull X-Fighters World Tour 2009.

The Red Bull XFighter series is one of the world’s largest freestyle motor cross contests. This year’s series made five stops around the globe, beginning in Mexico, moving on to Canada and the United States and ending in London. All of the Red Bull X-Fighter series broadcasts were produced in HD and seen live on the ESPN Network in the United States. The tour began in late March and concluded on Aug. 22 in London.

Netventure, a systems integration and graphics design firm, collaborated on its one-operator system with Vizrt. Inside an OB van, 11 Viz Engines rendered the graphics, controlled by customized software that enabled one operator to control multiple renderers. Netventure produced the Red Bull X-Fighters series with five channels, broadcasting HD graphics in 16:9 and 4:3 title safe, as well as feeding large video walls for the program and feeding time data to digital clocks on plasma screens inside the arena. One laptop receives and displays the judging data.

Netventure and Vizrt also teamed to bring the European Rugby Challenge HD broadcast to viewers throughout Europe with this same system.