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Vizrt Adds Comprimato’s JPEG2000 Software to Viz Engines

BRNO, CZECH REPUBLIC—Vizrt and Comprimato have come to agreement to make Comprimator’s JPEG2000 software encoder available on installed Viz Engines. This new integration will allow users to create JPEG2000 streams, including ones in Ultra HD, without additional hardware or external devices.

JPEG2000 is a codec that uses wavelet compression for efficiency and image quality. With its core design, the JPEG2000 allows Ultra HD resolution videos to be compressed without titling.

“Adding our compact software module to the Viz Engine means users can configure it for JPEG2000 streaming with no additional hardware: just the Nvidia graphics card in the PC,” said Jiri Matela, CEO of Comprimato.

Vizrt is a provider of real-time 3D graphics, studio automation, sports analysis and asset management tools.