Vislink Unveils Airstream 2.0

BILLERICA, MASS. – Vislink has released the latest edition of its portable cellular transmitter, the Airstream 2.0. Designed for high-quality, live video streaming, the Airstream 2.0 allows broadcasters to deliver live coverage from anywhere with minimal equipment.

Among Airstream 2.0’s new features is its 50 percent improved 4G LTE performance, “one-touch to air” functionality and TVU Grid interface capabilities. Airstream 2.0 transmissions are ingested by Vislink receivers and distributed to the TVU Grid, providing point-to-point and point-to-multipoint functionality. The Grid network provides a connection to video sources and distribution points that allows users to share live video content instantly to anywhere in the world that has a Grid-accessible device.

Airstream 2.0 also features enhanced cellular performance through tower switching and hopping capabilities.

With a broader spectrum of carriers, Airstream 2.0 can now be used in even more countries, according to Vislink.