VISLINK Improves File-based News

VISLINK News & Entertainment has recently finished experimenting with the Associated Press on a new implementation of ENPS. The solution is integrated with VISLINK’s microwave and Advanced Gateway systems, offering LAN-like connectivity in the field.

First adopted by the BBC in 1996 for their original broadcast newsroom operations, the essential news production system (ENPS) was improved through the Associated Press’ development of the MOS protocol two years later.

The new approach relies heavily on microwave bandwidth, thereby avoiding bottlenecks in public broadband connections that can become sluggish following a breaking news event. Journalists in the field can now connect directly to ENPS servers over VISLINK’s bandwidth to simultaneously submit stories and live video.

VISLINK’s Advanced Gateway enables reporters to easily download archive proxies and produce and submit finished video. Wireless data boding maximizes download speeds while working to provide a high level of connectivity.