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Vinten solves DSLR challenges

For more than 30 years, producer Danny Grizzle has traveled the country documenting the log home lifestyle for the best known log homebuilder, Satterwhite. Today he shoots with a DSLR package that includes the Vision blue pan-and-tilt head and tripod system from Vinten. Adding the Vision blue to his arsenal has changed the way he works, allowing him to up his creativity and get more footage in less time.

Recently, Grizzle went out for three weeks to shoot footage not only of the exquisite Satterwhite homes, but also to document the lifestyle of homeowners. He used a Canon 60D rigged with a follow focus and a wide variety of lenses, which were often changed quickly.

Working with DSLR cameras is challenging and different from the way video shooters typically work. One major difference is frequent lens changes and constantly changing rig configurations. Every change to the camera alters the weight and balance on the head. Vinten’s Perfect Balance provides speed and accuracy to resetting the head to precisely match constant reconfigurations of the payload.