Vinten Launches Vision blue3

the Vision blue range of pan tilt heads

VALLEY COTTAGE, N.Y.— Vinten, a division of Vitec Videocom, has rolled out the third pan and tilt head of its Vision blue range. The camera support company developed the Vision blue3 for intermediate weight 1/3-inch chip camcorders and accessorized lightweight digital single lens reflex cameras, enables users to select the right head to match their application across a wider range of payloads.

The new Vision blue3 balances payloads of between 6.6 – 14.6 lbs (3.0 - 6.6kg) and sits between the original Vision blue, (payload range 4.6 – 11 lbs /2.1 - 5kg), and the Vision blue5 (payload range 12.1 lb-26.5 lb/5.5 - 12kg). Vinten now supports deployments spanning traditional broadcast cameras, lightweight camcorders and DSLRs equipped for video.

The Vision blue range is intended to offer professional videographers a high level of quality and performance. Camera operators can take advantage of features, including infinitely adjustable Perfect Balance and LF drag technology to provide smooth control and consistent movement quality.

“The Vision blue range has been designed to make the filming process effortless, enabling the camera operator to release his or her creativity,” Andrew Butler, strategic planning and project manager at Vinten, said. “The new Vision blue3 completes the range and brings uncompromised professional performance to the broadest range of users, regardless of the payload of the camcorder and its accessories.”

The original Vision blue made its first appearance in 2010, designed to provide a broadcast quality pan and tilt head and tripod system that could balance smaller camcorders, without compromising on creativity.