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Vinten develops new support head for compact camcorders

Vinten has introduced the Pro5 Plus pan and tilt head for small format DV-based camcorders. It includes a switchable counterbalance spring for smoother, controllable tilt movements, separate pan and tilt locks, and continuously variable pan and tilt drag for smoother panning.

The Pro5 Plus includes a 75mm spherical base and leveling bubble for rapid setup, a quick release sideload camera attachment system for convenient attachment and release from the head, and a fixed length pan bar that can be positioned to suit any preference.

Despite its lightweight construction, no compromises were made on camera stability. With a single-stage Pozi-Loc aluminum tripod and lightweight floor spreader, the Pro-5 Plus offers rigidity with maximum control.

The Pro-5 Plus system offers two levels of counterbalance — position one for the smallest of camcorders requiring no counterbalance and position two for camcorders up to a maximum of 9.9lb. The heads includes its own Petrol transport case.