Vimond offers cross-format streaming system for Nordic broadcasters

Finland's MTV3 and Norway's TV 2 have streamed live video content to each other's Web portals using the Vimond Media Solutions’ Vimond Online TV platform.

When houseguests from the Finnish and Norwegian "Big Brother" houses switched places recently, viewers in both countries could follow those contestants via their respective TV stations' Web portals thanks to Vimond's format-agnostic platform.

MTV3 and TV 2 use different formats to stream their broadcasts, but because the Vimond platform can stream content in any format, viewers in one country could see video from the other country's TV station. Upon choosing a camera, the stream from Finland would be redirected to the Norway portal and vice versa.

The Vimond platform provides a comprehensive environment for managing and delivering multiformat OTT services with facilities for all creative, logistical and business aspects of the operation. Vimond offers tools and controls for aspects of an OTT service ranging from ingest and encoding through conditional access to business intelligence reporting.