ViewCast releases new streaming appliance

ViewCast, a developer of products for the conversion and delivery of video over IP and mobile networks, has released the Niagara 2100, a video streaming appliance.

The Niagara 2100 is targeted to broadcasters, government agencies, business enterprises, and other users who want to easily stream video over IP and mobile networks.

It captures, encodes and streams video on a plug-and-play basis using a Web interface. The system offers a simplified display for nonengineering personnel to encode video for reliable live and on-demand streaming. The product is part of the company’s strategy to increase its presence in the video streaming market and develop a broader base of customers.

The compact, self-contained 2100 fits neatly into fixed installations and provides the portability and stability necessary for on-location streaming. Like all Niagara appliances, the unit features image scaling, cropping, d-interlacing, inverse telecine, and closed-caption rendering.

It accepts component, Y/C (S-Video), and composite video inputs, as well as balanced and unbalanced stereo audio inputs. It comes with ViewCast SimulStream technology, which allows it to stream simultaneous multiple resolutions at multiple data rates in Windows Media format. The unit’s front-panel display confirms the presence of audio and video, apprises the user of streaming status, and allows simultaneous activation of multiple codecs from a single stream button.

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