Videssence: Fluorescent Flexibility

As technology in the broadcast industry continues to redefine the art of video, fluorescent studio lighting has reached a level of broad acceptance. Videssence introduced fluorescent lighting to the broadcast industry in 1988. The original benefits of utilizing fluorescents in a studio still apply. The lamps are extremely energy efficient, utilizing 80% less wattage than incandescent instruments. Less wattage will yield less heat, allowing for improved talent comfort. The lamps used in the Videssence fixtures are rated for 10,000 hours of operation, which translate to savings in both the lamp replacement and labor. The integrity of the lighting design is also uncompromised for greater periods of time, as the fixtures require less maintenance.

Over the years, Videssence listened to the advice of professionals in the industry. It used this information to improve the functionality of existing fixtures and develop new instruments, augmenting its already sizable offering. Videssence has the widest variety of fluorescent lighting tools on the market today. This allows lighting directors to come to a design with an artistic approach, obtaining sophisticated lighting solutions while achieving the benefits offered by fluorescents.

The Baselites, the workhorses of the industry, have improved photometrics attained through newer reflective mediums. As the most sophisticated key light sources in the fluorescent industry, the Videssence V-Beams have been redesigned, improving light output by over 20%. The Modular series of instruments are still the best lighting fixtures on the market for chromakey walls and virtual news studios.

The even distribution of Videssence lighting is the perfect solution for keying equipment. Modular designs are now available in a lightweight portable kit configuration, perfect for ENG and location work, or for small pop-up chromakey situations. All of the fixtures in the product line are offered with dimmable ballasts to work with any DMX or phase control dimming product, and are all UL-approved.

The newest fixture offerings really set Videssence apart from other manufacturers in the industry. The Softlite is a 2-foot x 2-foot indirect lighting source that will recess into a T-bar or drywall ceiling or can be surface-mounted. The fixture is perfect in a newsroom setting, where architectural office aesthetics are preferred, but studio quality lighting is required.

The SoftKey, a companion to the Softlite, also recesses into the ceiling, but contains a 110W Baselite instrument that will pan a full 359 degrees and tilt to provide a quality key light where required. The Setlite is also a new addition to the Videssence family. The asymmetric throw from this linear fixture is ideal for smaller chromakey walls and interview areas where tight budgets dictate.

Videssence is not a company to rest on its laurels. The engineering staff is continually looking to improve fixture performance and bring new instruments to the marketplace, all based on feedback from current customers and lighting professionals. The sales team offers studio designs with a full arsenal of fluorescent instruments, or incorporation of existing lighting equipment to achieve sophisticated on-air looks.

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