Videosys Broadcast Unveils Epsilon 4K Base Station CCU

Videosys Broadcast
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WEST SUSSEX, U.K.—Videosys Broadcast has introduced the Epsilon 4K base station Camera Control Unit (CCU), a versatile controller designed to simplify the installation and use of radio camera systems, reduce rig time and free up production staff for other responsibilities.

The Epsilon 4K base station makes radio camera installations easier with an approach that is conceptually similar to regular CCU systems from main camera manufacturers. It uses familiar connection nomenclature to ensure multiple camera setups are matched quickly and effectively with minimal input from operators or TDs behind a production switcher, the company said.

The new controller is primarily designed to operate with the DTC range of transmitters with optional dual-head operation. It also offers up to four channel Maximum Ratio Combining (MRC) diversity to achieve superior performance, it said.

With its simple touchscreen interface and compatibility with existing Videosys camera control systems, Epsilon is well-suited to studio and Outside Broadcast applications. The system consists of up to two, dual-channel fiber receive slot in modules, RF receiver and decoder options—either HD using H.264 or H.265 up to 4K. In 4K mode, Epsilon can operate either single or dual pedestal. Return camera control is uni- or bi-directional, the company said.

“In OBs today, the movement of trucks from venue to venue places engineers… under intense pressure to deliver facilities with increasingly reduced rig times,” said Colin Tomlin, VideoSys Broadcast managing director. “A tool that makes a radio camera with any control, let alone bi-directional control, easier to install and operate is very appealing, particularly for those situations where an RF engineer is not available.”

“As a company, we are constantly developing innovative solutions that address the requirements of our customers," Tomlin continued. "Epsilon encapsulates this philosophy by making life easier for people working in studio and outside broadcast environments.”

More information is available on the company’s website

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