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Videohouse acquires Riedel MediorNet for two HD OB trucks

Belgian broadcast company Videohouse has bought one of the first Riedel Communications MediorNet systems in Europe. Riedel delivered two MediorNet systems, one for a 20-camera HD OB truck and the other for a 16-camera truck.

The reason for building two HD trucks with MediorNet was to take advantage of network technologies allowing the trucks to work either together or separately. Additionally MediorNet accommodates the need to integrate several different signals, including video, intercom, audio and data streams, into the network. MediorNet provides a real-time network approach, not simply point-to-point connections.

Eight MediorNet frames will be installed in the two HD trucks. The frames route and distribute any input to any output or to multiple outputs. The routing and distribution in both trucks is controlled by a VSM control system. In addition to MediorNet’s integration of all the truck's signals, the multiplexing abilities and the onboard software-based signal processing and conversion make the product a flexible solution that ultimately will eliminate the need for external hardware devices.