Video Production Companies Cover Olympics With GV HD Gear

Grass Valley, a division of Technicolor, has announced that its high-definition video equipment will be used by a number of television production companies in providing their worldwide coverage of the Feb. 12-28 Vancouver Winter Games. These include Game Creek of Hudson, N.H., Corplex of Northfield, Ill., F&F Mobile Productions of Clearwater, Fla, and Trio Video of Chicago. Grass Valley gear is also being use by Alfacam of Belgium.

Some of the Grass Valley equipment selected for equipping mobile video production units owned by these companies includes Kalypso and Kyak high-definition production switchers, LDK 6000 and 8000 Elite WorldCam HD cameras, LDK 8300 Super Slo-Mo camera systems, GeckoFlex signal processing gear and Trinix and Concerto signal router systems.

The equipment is expected to see heavy use in telecasting ski competition, luge events, hockey, snowboarding, curling, ice skating and other competitions during the Winter Games, as well as opening and closing ceremonies and medal awards.