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Vicon Purchases House Of Moves

Oxford, U.K.--Vicon Motion Systems, a developer of optical motion capture solutions, has acquired motion capture studio House of Moves. Los Angeles-based House of Moves (HOM) is the longest-standing independent motion capture service bureau in the world, with an extensive slate of productions, including major feature films, television programs, game titles, commercials, and music videos.
The acquisition formally establishes HOM as a new technology test-bed for Vicon.
"Becoming a part of Vicon is a win-win for all parties involved," said Tom Tolles, CEO and founder, House of Moves. "With the Vicon resources now available to us, we are the best-equipped motion capture studio in the world. HOM will provide Vicon with direct production experience for the product development team and Vicon will provide direct factory resources so that we can continue to push the boundaries of motion capture for our clients."
"We have enjoyed a synergistic relationship with House of Moves since 1996 and we viewed this as a natural progression of both our relationship with HOM and a move which fits well with our corporate expansion goals," said Julian Morris, chief executive, Vicon and OMG. "The market opportunity for motion capture studio services is growing at a rapid pace. There is a rising demand for heightened realism in game character animation, and the use of motion capture for digital characters, virtual stuntmen, and populating crowd sequences has become de rigueur in feature film development."
HOM will continue to service its regular clients and will continue to develop its motion capture workflow animation software DIVA, which is compatible with existing Vicon pipelines. Code from DIVA was recently licensed by Alias for adding character retargeting and motion data workflow efficiencies into Maya 6.0.
House of Moves