Verizon to Host Super Bowl LV Mobile Viewing Experiences

Verizon 5G SuperStadium
Verizon's 5G SuperStadium in Fortnite (Image credit: Verizon)

BASKING RIDGE, N.J.—Verizon is hosting its own special Super Bowl LV offering, announcing that with its 5G technology it will deliver immersive, interactive viewing experiences for fans both at home and in Raymond James Stadium in Tampa.

This will be done through the Verizon 5G SuperStadium in the NFL mobile app. Available exclusively to fans with an iPhone 12 (though you do not need Verizon to access the feeds), the feature provides seven different camera angles for fans in the stadium and five for those at home. According to CNET, the new camera feeds will be at the 25-yard line, the 50-yard line, a skycam view and CBS’ regular feed. Fans in the stadium will have access to feeds from the NFL Ticket Holder app.

Verizon has also announced a “Watch Together” co-viewing experience that is available in the Yahoo Sports mobile app. This lets friends and family watch the Super Bowl together over their phones. Both SuperStadium and Watch Together will be available when the game kicks off at 6:30 p.m. ET on Feb. 7.

In addition, Verizon has created a fan-first experience with Verizon 5G Stadium in the popular Fortnite game. This will give gamers the opportunity to interact with NFL players and pro gamers during the Super Bowl.

Verizon invested $80 million to boost its 5G network for the Super Bowl, including 5G enhancement to Raymond James Stadium and the surrounding area.

For more information, visit Verizon’s website.