VCI Solutions Appoints Sarah Foss to President/CEO

Station workflow solutions provider VCI Solutions in Springfield, Mass., has appointed Sarah Foss as its new president/CEO. Founder W. Lowell Putnam will remain with the company as the chairman and Chief Strategy Officer (CSO). Putnam founded the company 24 years ago, and he will focus on new business models and emerging technologies, a passion of his that led to the creation of VCI Solutions.

The moves are a continuation of VCI Solutions' efforts to broaden its offerings, expand its services, and provide differentiated services in the marketplace.

An industry veteran, Foss joined VCI Solutions two years ago to grow the company. Within the first three months, she led the purchase of Digital Transaction Group, the company's first acquisition. Since then, she has driven the strategic and operational planning efforts to expand the company's footprint with fully integrated solutions.

Prior to joining VCI Solutions, Foss was at Harris Broadcast Communications, as well as in management roles at local TV stations and at media-related Internet start-ups.

"Sarah has demonstrated a passion for this industry, our customers, and this company that has fueled significant transformation for us", said Putnam. "VCI Solutions has a growth plan that is focused on our delivering revenue-producing solutions to market."

"I am convinced, given the company's deep domain expertise and our focus on innovative, revenue-producing solutions that growth is not only achievable-but inevitable," said Foss.