VCI Automation Introduces autoXe

VCI Automation, a division of VCI Solutions and leading supplier of value-driven smart media revenue solutions for the broadcast and cable industry, is expanding their product portfolio to include autoXe. autoXe is the advanced automation software designed to work seamlessly with the Xe platform as a total content delivery system. The Xe platform, already in the market, is the revolutionary new technology that came as a result of VCI’s recent acquisition of DTG.

“autoXe goes beyond traditional automation systems; its modular design works seamlessly with the underlying logical layers of Xe platform to provide total content delivery,” says James Brown, General Manager, VCI Automation, formerly DTG. “Xe platform harvests the data in one database, the data then drives the workflow, and autoXe manages the complete content lifecycle from ingest to playout. It is a simplistic system that eliminates human intervention, which translates to increased revenue and enhanced efficiencies.”

“To say ‘seamless integration’ doesn’t even do it justice; the way in which autoXe thrives on the Xe platform, working together hand in hand, is incredible,” says Lowell Putnam, CEO, VCI. “VCI has made a strong commitment to the industry to provide innovative tools to help customers better compete in the marketplace, and the extensibility of Xe platform will allow us to develop new and innovative technology for the future. autoXe is a great example of that.”