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Vantrix converges content, profile management across wireless, cable, broadband networks

The Vantrix Media Profiler is the company’s answer to its five-year contract from a North American Tier 1 converged operator, delivering complete converged content provisioning and management across any wireless, cable and broadband network. The Media Profiler supports high-quality user experiences across such operator services as mobile video and web TV, user-generated content, video-on-demand, electronic programming guide and a mobile client.

Capitalizing on the market shift toward blended multimedia experience by offering converged operators a profitable path toward content convergence across all channels, the Vantrix Media Profiler features:

  • Content management and discovery storage and referencing for video/music on demand, ads, user-generated content through WAP, Web, EPG and playlists;
  • Profiles management for subscribers, services and content profiles and metadata;
  • Policy decision point for media delivery for rules and permission management for service and subscriber access control.

Vantrix offers a software-only solution, available for off-the-shelf hardware — blades or 2RU servers — in a Linux environment. No proprietary hardware is necessary, and a clear scalability and performance model is offered to reduce operators’ OPEX and CAPEX investments.