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V Televisión connects studios with Teracue H.264 encoders, decoders

Spanish broadcaster V Televisión is using encoder and decoder products from Teracue to connect several broadcast sites for live contribution over a dedicated 3Mb/s IP network. The Teracue ENC-200 encoders and DEC-200 decoders are being used to send and receive a variety of AV SDI signals simultaneously in H.264 format.

Three DEC-200 decoders have been installed within the broadcast headquarters in A Coruña to receive signals from ENC-200 H.264 encoders in remote regional sites such as Santiago de Compostela (Galicia) and Vigo (Galicia). A third encoder is available for backup and occasional purposes. The units were selected because of their stability and reliability, with high meantime between failure as a result of having no moving parts. The sale was made by Video Digital through the system integrator NRD Multimedia in Spain, which also performed the installation and testing.